Warranty and Guarantee Conditions

The Streaming TV Boxes sold by UPR Home Entertainment Systems carry a one year warranty for hardware defect from the time it arrives to you. The customer is responsible for the return shipping (usually less than $15) and UPR Home Entertainment Systems will pay the shipping for the replacement unit. 

UPR Home Entertainment Systems also backs their product with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee from date of initial purchase. If the client is not fully satisfied for whatever reason, they may choose to return the product (at their expense) within 30 days of receipt of product for refund of hardware purchase. (Note: Any service, installation and/or shipping fees are not refundable)

Many problems can be fixed (with guidance) by the customer. If a box is sent back for repair or replacement without reasonable attempt by the customer to fix it with guidance, then the customer may pay shipping both ways.

If it is determined that there is an operation system issue, it is possible that a replacement control card (micro SD card) can be expedited to the customer, at no charge, instead of returning the entire system. In this case, the customer will need to return the original card in a supplied postage-paid return envelope after the replacement card is received. (Note: Failure to send back the original SD card could result in an additional charge to the customer)

All warranties are voided if the customer:

  • Fails to return the defective hardware within the allowed time frame

  • Flashes or alters the system firmware (not the software)

  • Returns product which shows evidence of misuse or unreasonable distress

  • Is unable to provide proof of purchase

Note: All sales transactions, warranties and/or guarantees are subject to our Terms and Conditions